Shoestring Success

Guest speaker Kelly Duncan, Chief of Brand & Partnerships at Yellow NZ, shares more on how to effectively get your brand seen on a shoestring budget, grow and amplify your audience to get in front of the customers you want, and make sure you capitalise on getting returning customers.


Chaos to Clarity

Join guest speaker, Romi Dexter, founder of Hype & Dexter, as she takes you through how you can leverage technology to create and follow process best practices that will help you get the most out of your people and your business. 



COVID-19 Support for Businesses

Chief Executive, Sarah Trotman joined Inland Revenue's Community Compliance Officers, Darylene Stuart and Shivani Anand to discuss support for businesses impacted by Covid-19. 



Support for Businesses Following Alert Level Changes

Theresa Tagavaitau, Community Compliance Officer at Inland Revenue joins Chief Executive, Sarah Trotman, ONZM to discuss the different COVID-19 financial support packages available to business owners as a result of a rise in Alert Levels as well as how to keep up to date with changes.


Financial Planning to Fund the Life You Want

Martin Hawes, Authorised Financial Advisor discusses what a good retirement may like, how much you may need to fund the lifestyle you desire, how to invest your money and set out some of the things you have to do in your business to become financially free.


New Zealand’s Ageing Workforce – Working with Older Employees

Geoff Pearman and Muriel Roake, specialists in age and work from Partners in Change share how we can support and work with our older workforce during and beyond COVID 19. New Zealand has 618,000 workers over the age of 55 – that is close to a quarter of the total workforce.


Dealing with Stress in the Current Economic and Business Environment

The Mental Health Foundation discuss how to look after wellbeing during this time of increased stress, how to identify stressors and find solutions to help resolve the causes of stress and how to assess, plan, take action and review your mental health needs.


How to work with your Bank – A Small Business Owners Perspective

Ian Boyce from ASB shares tips on how to bolster small business over the coming months, guidance for businesses to consider and discusses what Government support packages are available and their uptake.

Your Return to Work Plan for Level 3 and Beyond

Brent Sutton, Principal of Safety Associates discusses the health and safety measures employers must take to keep their workers safe during Alert Level 3 and having a response plan.


Cashflow Management for Small Business in Crisis

Shelley Magic from MYOB and Richard Abel, Chair of the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of NZ, share practical cashflow management advice for small businesses.


Legal matters in the COVID-19 Business World

With the current COVID-19 lockdown and likely recession to follow, many companies' businesses will come under significant financial stress, with cash flow and the ability to pay creditors severely impacted.


Online Collaboration for Small Businesses in Isolation

Paul Bowkett, Microsoft NZ Channel Manager, talks about why, when and how to use the powerful communication and online collaboration tool - Microsoft Teams.

What does sustainability mean for business?

Issues of sustainability impact on businesses of all sizes. But what exactly is sustainability? what does it mean for your business? and how can you start your own sustainability journey?

The Value of a Bookkeeper

Di Crawford-Errington, President, Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers gives insight to what value a bookkeeper can bring to your business.


The Regional Business Partner Network

Gaining access to the right knowledge, support, and people is fundamental to business success - that is where the RBP network can help.


Employment Law - Need to Know - Common Contractual Pitfalls (Part 1/3)

Jo Douglas, Partner of Douglas Erickson Employment Lawyers, brings us Part 1/3 of our webinar series; Employment Law - Need to Know.


Contractual pitfalls whitepaper

Employment Law - Need to Know - Protecting your Intellectual Property in Employment (Part 2/3)

Jo Douglas, Partner of Douglas Erickson Employment Lawyers, brings us Part 2/3 of our webinar series; Employment Law - Need to Know.


Intellectual property whitepaper

Employment Law - Need to Know - Family Violence (Part 3/3)

Jo Douglas, Partner of Douglas Erickson Employment Lawyers, brings us the final part to her series; Employment Law - Need to Know.


Family violence legislation whitepaper

Digital Marketing for Small Business NZ

Boyd Wason, Partner of Engaging Partners, shares different types of digital marketing, how to executive a marketing strategy, how to learn who your target audience is and the best platforms to effectively promote your small business.


digital marketing whitepaper

Business Planning for Growth

Graeme Hogan talks about how to achieve business growth with Business Mentors.


Business planning whitepaper

Identifying and Dealing with Stress

Peter Simunovich, Safety and Wellbeing Adviser, shares how to create a culture of positive mental health in your business and gives some tips for self-preservation when you are under pressure.


Stress management whitepaper

Health and Safety in the Small Business Environment

Brent Sutton from Safety Association discusses how to develop a safety action plan and engage with people for safer outcomes. 

Health and safety whitepaper

Succession Planning and it's relevance to the Small Business Environment

Damian Lawrence of ASB Sure Match, explains critical aspects of succession planning and exit strategies and why it should matter to you.


Succession planning whitepaper

Building your Business with Social Media

Yusuke Inui from Unleashing Potential discusses how to implement a marketing strategy through Social Media.


Social media whitepaper

Mandatory changes to payday filing, what does this mean to you?

Colleen Kautai from Inland Revenue discusses the tax changes being implemented by IRD from the perspective of Small Business New Zealand.


Payday filing whitepaper