Our Partners

Business Mentors New Zealand is able to deliver its service through the commitment and generosity of our private sector sponsors and our key stakeholders in the public sector - The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and Inland Revenue. With our supporters’ help, we are strengthening communities and transforming the business landscape in New Zealand. 

Supporting Partners

Our Supporting Partners Network shares our goal of wanting New Zealand Small Business to succeed. To help make this happen, they provide our organisation with financial support, while also sharing their resources, knowledge and leadership expertise.
Their backing, combined with the generous donation of time by our Mentors, means that many thousands of New Zealand Small Business Owners will continue to benefit from receiving valuable, independent mentoring support and guidance in areas outside of their expertise.

Our Funding

The funding for our services comes from three main sources:
  • We are sponsored by businesses and other organisations that want to see the New Zealand small business sector reach its full potential within our economy.
  • We are funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE).
  • Our clients pay a one-time registration fee for our Mentoring programmes, which helps cover our operational costs.

Our Partners