Our Mission

To support new and developing business owners by helping them to advance their business capability, capacity and sustainability through the sharing of knowledge and experience by skilled business people willing and able to gift their time and expertise.

Our Network

Business Mentors New Zealand is a national service with 14 regional agencies which provide access to regional initiatives, an understanding of local business requirements and mentors who have knowledge and experience in their community.

We have a close working relationship with the NZTE and Callaghan Innovation Regional Business Partnership Network (RBP) ensuring we have access to relevant business development and growth initiatives that complement our independent business mentoring service. Our regional agents will:

  • Engage new local mentors and support existing mentors.
  • Assist local business people in engaging with the mentoring service where applicable
  • Support Mentors and Mentees with their mentoring relationship


Agency Contacts

Our Mentors

Mentors are business people who are motivated enough to gift their time to help others succeed. They have at times struggled in business, and through persistence, skill and learning had well-deserved success. Many Mentors themselves were given help and support by others who assisted them to avoid mistakes and gain knowledge that saved them valuable time and money. This insight and recognition to the benefit and value of mentoring make them, in turn, great mentors.

Our Business Mentors are as diverse as the business people we support. With generalist and specialist business skills made available by almost 2000 mentors nationally, our Mentor Coordinators work alongside the Mentors and the Mentees to ensure they are a good match and have a productive and rewarding mentoring relationship.


Our Team

We are a committed, passionate group of people focused on helping business owners succeed, for the betterment of businesses and the communities they directly impact.

We're led by our CEO Craig Garner, who has extensive experience in a wide range of industries relevant to mentoring and business development — including advertising, sales, information and communication technologies (ICT), and adult education. Under Craig’s guidance is a diverse team of skilled professionals, who use their talents and gifts to serve business owners across the country.


Craig Garner

Chief Executive

Craig was appointed Chief Executive of Business Mentors New Zealand in June 2018. He comes with a wealth of experience, having worked in a variety of business sectors including engineering, advertising, sales and marketing, ICT and adult education. Craig was introduced to BMNZ in 2001 while he was CEO of the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce, an agency servicing the Bay of Plenty regions mentoring service delivery. Craig has held senior management and board positions with a diverse range of organisations, including not-for-profits, with much of his work focused on adult education, communications and business development. Outside work Craig dabbles in various artistic mediums, loves travelling and recently obtained a handcrafted copper alembic still.


Anastasia Donnachaidh

National Agency Manager

Anastasia joined the team at Business Mentors in March 2018 after completing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland. She brings a fresh perspective on business and is responsible for supporting our regional mentor coordinators, mentors and clients. Anastasia is thrilled to have begun her career with an organisation that is focused on supporting local business owners and start-ups throughout New Zealand. Outside of work, Anastasia enjoys the Auckland food scene, trying out new restaurants and going to local markets on weekends.

Maddy Fistonich

Maddy Fistonich

Events and Marketing Coordinator

Maddy graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Event Management and a minor in Public Relations. She has joined our team from her big OE in London. She has taken on the role of Events and Marketing Coordinator and is responsible for creating and coordinating the yearly events. In her free time, Maddy enjoys entertaining her friends, travelling and spending time on the beautiful Waiheke Island.


Helen Garner

Learning & Development

An experienced mentor, trainer and certified MBTI practitioner, Helen leads our Effective Mentoring workshops. With several years of involvement with Business Mentors NZ as a local Agent (Tauranga), National Delivery Manager (New Zealand) and a volunteer Business Mentor, Helen brings to our collective learning an in-depth understanding of the many perspectives within the service. Not to mention, small business is part of Helen’s DNA. A small business owner herself, Helen grew up in family-owned businesses and knows first-hand the importance of this sector to the health, wealth, and wellbeing of our local communities, and she is passionate in her support for it. Away from the professional world, Helen likes to eat, drink, embark on adventures and be merry.

June Robinson

June Robinson

Auckland Mentor Coordinator

June joined Business Mentors New Zealand earlier this year, bringing with her extensive knowledge from her diverse and successful career within the not-for-profit, education and recruitment sectors. June’s areas of expertise are business and stakeholder relationship development, managing client relationships and partner engagement and support, which makes her perfect for managing Auckland’s mentor/mentee matches. June is passionate about delivering services and solutions that truly enhance New Zealander's lives.

Jennifer Crosland

Jennifer Crosland

Business Administrator

Jennifer joined the team in August 2019 after graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is eager to contribute and bring forward new and exciting ideas. As the Business Administrator, Jennifer will be assisting our head office team to ensure smooth and efficient daily operations. When she is not in the office, Jennifer can be found walking up one of Auckland’s many volcanoes, unwinding through yoga, sketching or knitting.

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