Mentoring turns businesses, and lives, around.

You've been in business for quite a few years, which means you've done some things right. You've picked up practical skills and abilities essential for running a successful venture. Perhaps you’ve also benefited from a mentor’s wise counsel and ended up a stronger professional for it. That makes you a potential candidate to mentor someone else, a budding self-starter whose shoes you once were in. Your insights can be lifesavers for less-experienced entrepreneurs and leaders who need support as they navigate the uncharted waters of business.

The path to becoming a Business Mentor entails a few very important, yet worthwhile steps.

First, you'll want to register here on our website and complete the application. The application is your chance to tell us about yourself: namely, your industry background and experience, which professional memberships you belong to and specific aspects of your work history.

We're interested in learning the keys to your professional success and why you would like to be a Mentor. In the application, we also ask for several references, and that you read and sign our Terms of Mentoring for Mentors. If your application is accepted, you will meet with our Regional Business Partner (RBP) Mentor Coordinator from your area, who will interview you and share more in-depth information about the path to becoming a Mentor. Finally, we ask all of our incoming Mentors to participate in a half-day Effective Mentoring Workshop within six months of joining. This ensures that all of our Mentors meet critical quality standards for the relationships they will build with our clients.

Go through the above process, and you'll join a distinguished network of Business Mentors who are giving back to Kiwi entrepreneurs and the communities they serve nationwide.


Brian Slingsby talks about Business Mentoring.

Testimonials from our Mentees

Elise Sterback

Basement Theatre

"It was so valuable for me to have a regular sounding board and an outside eye to our business. In our industry, we get quite stuck interacting with the same networks, and it was very refreshing to learn how things are done in other sectors. It was also very positive for me to feel like I was working on my own professional development."

Sebastian Mackay

The Better Comms Co

"Jung Chun has taught me more about business than I ever thought I'd need to know. He's helped me refine my vision, discover my niche and inform my decision-making process while allowing me to make my own mistakes and come to my own conclusions. Jung taught me a lot about the intersection between business and life, which has been hugely influential. Business Mentors did an amazing job placing us together."

Marc Taylor

Taylor & Sons Drainage Ltd

"I think it is important for new business owners to seek help from people who already have experience at running a business. I have been a tradesman for 26 years, but I was clueless about running a trades business. Getting a business mentor has given me clarity and helped me move in the right direction."

Alison Johnson

Sphaera Ltd

"Our mentor has been amazing, hitting the ground running with us at a critical time in our business. She is helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. We are very grateful to have access to this service."

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