Social Enterprise Mentoring

Our Social Enterprise Mentoring Programme provides 12 months of  specialised Mentoring services for people who have set up a Social Enterprise business.
Our Mentors are experienced and successful New Zealand business people who will help develop understanding and provide guidance where needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of your organisation.

Who is the Social Enterprise Mentor Programme for?

The programme is designed for people who own a Social Enterprise business and/or are key decision makers in one, and:
  • Want to determine the success factor of their Not-For-Profit organisation, with emphasis on improving business structure and performance
  • Want help to understand their legal obligations
  • Need to develop strategies to retain and attract funders, service providers and other stakeholders
  • Want to avoid common pitfalls
  • Want to focus on the highest priorities
  • Want to be challenged to consider different strategies and perspectives
  • Want to learn how to be an effective leader, change maker and innovator

Our Partners

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