Small Business Mentoring

Drive the success of your small business with the support of a Business Mentor who will guide you in the right direction. With their extensive knowledge and experience, our Mentors will be there to help you solve specific challenges by offering sound business advice with an independent and empathetic perspective.

Who is Small Business Mentoring for?

If you’d like to take a more proactive approach to running your business, a Mentor will help assess your current situation and build your skills for future success. Once you’re matched with a Mentor who's already succeeded in overcoming the business challenges you might be facing, you’ll be able to benefit from their wide-ranging experience. 

You should register for a Business Mentor if:

  • You’re motivated to grow your business.
  • You’re willing to listen and receive constructive feedback.
  • You are able to commit to the mentoring relationship with open and honest communication.

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Who are the Mentors and what role do they perform?

Our Mentors are business professionals who are willing to give their time to guide and support their local business community. With their diverse backgrounds, they’ll provide a unique perspective and lend an empathetic ear during challenging times. They’ll also be there as a reliable sounding board for your fresh ideas, and be a catalyst for the changes you’d like to see in your business.

Watch this video introduction to learn more about one of our dedicated Mentors:


What is the fee?

Our one-off registration fee of $295 plus GST will give you access to 12 months of comprehensive business mentoring from one of our dedicated Business Mentors. Once you’ve registered, you’ll also receive a special offer for an annual subscription to NZBusiness Magazine, to help stay on top of the latest business news ($45 for 11 issues). To take advantage of this offer, visit this website.

If you are interested in finding out more about other services available to support small business owners, download this guide from our partner, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment:


How to get a Business Mentor

Registering for a Mentor is easy and will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Be prepared to provide the following details to get the ball rolling:

  • Basic contact details.
  • Information about your existing or prospective business (e.g. staff numbers, annual turnover, years in business etc.).
  • What areas you’d like your Mentor to help you with.

With this key information, we’ll get a clearer picture of your business – if you’re unsure about any of the questions, do your best to answer them and you can discuss them later with your local Mentor Coordinator. 


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