Bartercard is turning 25!


Bartercard is quarter of a century old this month!  Its doors officially opened on 1, November with its first transaction being processed the very next day with, still active member, Kennedy Furniture. 

Founded in 1991 on the Gold Coast, Australia, Bartercard is the world’s largest trade exchange, attracting new customers and increases sales.  The concept allows businesses to exchange goods and services without the use of cash.  It has 6,000-member businesses across New Zealand, approx. 15,000 cardholders, 13 local branches, 110 staff and trades more than $150million worth of goods and services outside the cash economy each year.

Over the years Bartercard has made advances in technology, and innovation is key to their longevity and success.  In 2016 they partnered with the popular Entertainment™ Book and have many affiliations with charities and sponsorship deals.

In 2010, the Bartercard Foundation was established as a registered charity to support those charities requiring wider national prominence for their great cause.

Unlike most charities who aim to pass on 80% of their donations to the cause, with 20% to cover expenses and other costs, 100% of the donations raised by the Foundation go to the chosen charity. Bartercard New Zealand pays for all the costs of operating the trust. 

Bartercard aims to become the sales growth network of choice and we can see why. 

Bartercard has been a great addition to our business, we use it for all manner of business expenses as well as the odd luxury item that pops up. Once we figured out how it would best work for us everything just fell into place. I would highly recommend Bartercard as a means of increasing your business income. The assigned territory trade brokers give you one point of contact and they are worth their weight in trade dollars, they make everything very easy.
- Gary Rainey, Manawatu region

Happy birthday Bartercard!