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Business Mentors New Zealand Limited is a not-for-profit organisation committed to making small businesses like yours more successful through seasoned business mentoring. Our volunteer Mentors are visionaries and veterans in their fields, ready to offer you the professional development, guidance and motivation you need to triumph in your business.


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Starting a new venture is hard. It takes a great idea and a solid business plan. If you're just starting out, engaging with an experienced mentor can lead you down the path to success. 

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Small Businesses

Small Business

Small Business

Continue to grow. Boost productivity. Progress. Working with an experienced mentor will help you reach your business goals.

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social enterprise

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Looking for a fresh perspective? Our experienced social enterprise mentors are ready to help boost your Not for Profit.

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Experience, advice, a helping hand, a fresh perspective... A great mentor brings it all to the table. Do you think you have what it takes to be a business mentor?

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Whether you're an existing business or a startup...


Do you have what it takes to be a business mentor?


Who is Mentoring for?

Mentoring is for the forward-thinking professional who is either planning to start a business or already runs one, and who wants to learn, develop and grow.

You are a candidate for Mentoring if you are a startup entrepreneur, existing business owner or a not-for-profit executive. You are eligible if you are a New Zealand resident and either have an idea for a startup business and are still trying to validate whether the idea will be profitable or marketable; or if you have been in business for some time and you need financial help, if you're experiencing issues innovating and staying productive, or you're just determined to grow the business.

Whatever the case, Mentoring can drastically shorten your learning curve and take you to new heights of success.


How does Mentoring work?

The Mentoring process is straightforward. You’ll work one-on-one with a Business Mentor who, drawing on their own experiences, will coach you, act as a sounding board and guide you towards long-term professional and personal growth.

To join the Mentor Programme, register here on our website. Someone will be in touch to assess your specific needs and you will then be matched with an experienced Business Mentor. After you have been introduced, your Mentor will support you the whole way - helping you set goals, acquire key skills and keep you accountable as you implement your agreed action plan.

You can also review key facts about the programme anytime by downloading our Business Mentoring Brochure.


What makes a good Mentor?

A good Mentor has experience. You're a company leader - you know what makes a company thrive. You've also picked up lots of practical knowledge from the day-to-day realities of keeping your businesses afloat. You know how to avoid the big mistakes because you've probably made them yourself!

Most notably, great Mentors want to give back. You want to offer the same kind of support you've received, or wish you had. You're ready to give practical assistance to newer entrepreneurs and executives, whether that means giving them advice on employing people, sharing ideas on growth, or coaching them towards greater productivity.

To become a Business Mentor, register here on our website and fill out the online application. Someone will then be in touch to discuss your application.



Elise Sterback

Basement Theatre

"It was so valuable for me to have a regular sounding board and an outside eye to our business. In our industry, we get quite stuck interacting with the same networks, and it was very refreshing to learn how things are done in other sectors. It was also very positive for me to feel like I was working on my own professional development."

Sebastian Mackay

The Better Comms Co

"Jung Chun has taught me more about business than I ever thought I'd need to know. He's helped me refine my vision, discover my niche and inform my decision-making process while allowing me to make my own mistakes and come to my own conclusions. Jung taught me a lot about the intersection between business and life, which has been hugely influential. Business Mentors did an amazing job placing us together."

Marc Taylor

Taylor & Sons Drainage Ltd

"I think it is important for new business owners to seek help from people who already have experience at running a business. I have been a tradesman for 26 years, but I was clueless about running a trades business. Getting a business mentor has given me clarity and helped me move in the right direction."

Alison Johnson

Sphaera Ltd

"Our mentor has been amazing, hitting the ground running with us at a critical time in our business. She is helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. We are very grateful to have access to this service."

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