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We have an unrivalled resource of over 1,900 friendly, impartial, New Zealand based, volunteer business mentors.  With their help, we have supported over 67,000 kiwi businesses since 1991.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You are facing challenges and need support or advice?
  • You want a fresh perspective, guidance or inspiration?
  • You want help to market or grow your business
  • You need to implement a change to your business

Still not sure? Call Lisa on 0800 209209 ext 1 or request a call back.

Business Mentors New Zealand gives you:

Experience in your industry.  Proven successful business people from a diverse range of industries, who are passionate about helping other kiwi businesses.

The skills you need.  Knowledge and understanding specific to your business needs.

Quality Assured.  Our mentors undergo formal accreditation to ensure you get the best possible help.

Our mentors help you by:

  • Sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • Bringing a fresh perspective, acting as a sounding board
  • Working with you to grow your business 
  • Seeing ‘the bigger picture’
  • Assisting with Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting you in your decision making

The registration fee of $150 plus GST entitles you to use the New Zealand Business Mentors service for up to two years – this is the only cost to you, the mentoring you receive from our volunteer mentors is free!   We are able to provide the service at such a low cost due to the generosity and support of our patron sponsors - click here to find out who they are.

Read about what happens after I register and benefits of mentoring here.

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." John C Crosby


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Read how we helped people like you...

Mentor helps deliver best results

When Chris Wilson bought BEST Property Services in 2010 with ambitious growth in mind, it was a journey into the unknown – his first company and first time he’d worked for himself.

The Pakuranga-based company has experienced impressive growth in the past two years, in which it has won some large Auckland waterblasting contracts.

BEST has also, through acquisition, expanded its carpet cleaning base to include a major Auckland health provider. This complements services to its commercial and residential customers which include building washing/ waterblasting, carpet cleaning, pest control and window cleaning.

Business Mentoring Boosts Profits

Having a business mentor gave Goodson Imports NZ (GINZ) managing director Peter Murray a fresh perspective on his business that has proved invaluable.

When he first met business mentor Nick Sterling, Peter identified that, in light of the very adverse market conditions, it would be good for his business to maintain the same levels of annual revenue and net proft for the following year.

However, much to Peter’s surprise, Nick suggested that he consider setting a 20% year-on-year net growth in revenue. And after completing a comprehensive plan for that year with Nick, Peter ended up doubling the total revenue, achieving a 100% net growth for his business.

Mentor is Absolutely crucial

Stress and chaos are familiar territory for ambulance officer – and former school teacher – Anthea Mosley.  

But she was keen to avoid both states as she turned a hobby into her growing business Absolutely Me Organic Skincare.

As medical professionals led demand for her organic products designed to help people with sensitive skin and allergies, Anthea needed to gain clarity around her passion and ideas, and to organise the business’ financial processes.

Katwalk Fashion grows with help from a mentor

Ever since she had been part of a successful Young Enterprise Scheme team at high school, Laura Crombie had wanted to own her own business. 

She's now the owner of a thriving Taranaki fashion boutique.

With help from her Business Mentor she is looking to take it well beyond the region.

Sound advice boosts business

Architectural designer Kathy Torkington needed a boost to her confidence and strategic business growth skills to tackle the challenges of operating in a changing construction industry.

So she turned to the Business Mentors New Zealand's (BMNZ)  Auckland North office.

Maximising Advantages for an Expanding Enterprise

Standing out from the crowd is exactly what Jon Randles and the team at MOSH are all about.

Tanya Gray - Recruit NZ

Tanya Gray established SME recruitment specialist service Recruit NZ Limited in 2008.

Very early on Tanya knew that she would need a business mentor if Recruit NZ was to develop the way she wanted.

Tanya had spent her early years in corporate recruitment roles, and was frustrated by the services provided by Auckland recruitment agencies. Tanya decided to flip the recruitment model into a user-friendly format, with fixed prices and a one-stop shop of services

Business Mentoring A Paradox Paying Dividends

Voluntary business mentoring is one of those paradoxical things that in some ways shouldn’t work.

Right from the beginning

Both Trevor Norling and Tina Nair were taking a step into the unknown when they purchased The Chip Shop in 2005. It was the first time either of them had fully owned a business and neither of them had any experience when it came to running a fish and chip shop.

However, over the years, they have gone from strength to strength.

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BMNZ’s Commitment to the Community

BMNZ is committed to supporting the creation and retention of employment, and the alleviation of financial hardship in urban and rural communities.

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