Business Mentoring Programme

Our Business Mentoring Programme provides up to 12 months of confidential, one-on-one guidance for business owners like you who are already trading and want to grow or need help to solve specific business challenges. Volunteer Business Mentors with experience and empathy for small business offer guidance, act as a sounding board and challenge your thinking, providing you with an independent and fresh perspective.

Who is the Business Mentoring Programme for?

The Business Mentoring Programme helps business leaders like you address crucial issues in your company’s outlook, while helping you build the skills and character needed for long-term success. You will be matched with a Mentor who is an expert in their field, with much to share in terms of tactical knowledge and personal observations gained from being in the trenches.

The programme is best suited for business leaders who want:

  • Personalised guidance on business challenges
  • Actionable feedback on sales, marketing, business growth, and other key topics
  • Support when dealing with particular challenges - providing a sounding board they can confide in
  • A business Mentor who will offer constructive criticism, encouragement and a path to success

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Who are the Mentors and what role do they perform?

Our Mentors are experienced, successful Kiwi's who have been in a beginner's shoes and are ready to give back. They come from many different industries and understand what it takes to make a business prosper in New Zealand. They are also passionate about seeing Kiwi communities thrive on the strength of successful entrepreneurship. Our Business Mentors build mentor-client relationships that are characterised by:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise - Supporting you in decision making - Opening your eyes to the ‘big picture’
  • Building on your strengths and correcting your weaknesses
  • Working with you to grow your business.

All our Mentors are thoroughly vetted before acceptance into the Mentoring programme. They are also required to meet our stringent standards to be an Accredited Mentor.

Watch a video introduction to one of our Mentors.


What are the costs?

When you register to a Business Mentoring Programme you will pay a one-off registration fee of $295 plus GST. This helps us to cover the administrative costs of the programme, but should not be considered a 'fee for service' - we are a not-for-profit organisation, relying on the enthusiasm and generosity of our volunteer mentors to guide and support business owners.

Your mentoring is free for up to 1 year - volunteered by your experienced Business Mentor.

After registration, you will also be eligible to receive an annual subscription to NZBusiness magazine at the special price of $45 (11 issues). To take advantage of this offer, visit this website.

Register for the Business Mentoring Programme now, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also review key facts about the Programme anytime by downloading our Business Mentoring Brochure.


How to sign up for a Business Mentor

You will be asked to provide details that include:

  • Your contact details
  • Information about your existing or prospective business (e.g. staff numbers, annual turnover, years in business)
  • The sort of issues you want help with

The information you provide will allow us to establish a clearer picture of your business. 

If you are unsure of any answers, please complete the form to the best of your knowledge.  Anything you are not sure of can be discussed later and corrected if necessary in discussion with your local Mentor Coordinator.

We value your privacy, and if you are interested, you can read about our Privacy Policy here


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